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We are experts in contesting wills, will disputes, and executor disputes.

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2017 Leading – Estate Litigation – Queensland

2017 Leading – Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyers – Queensland

2017 Recommended – Estate Litigation – Australia


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Contesting A Will

You may wish to contest a will because you’ve been left out of the will, the will is missing or unclear, or if you suspect the will-maker was coerced or lacked capacity to make a will.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning service will provide you with peace of mind after finalising your will and other necessary documents. We also ensure that following your death, those who will administer and benefit from your will enjoy peace of existence.

Estate Administration

Executors of an estate have an obligation to engage in the due administration of the estate. Enormous obligations are cast upon an executor to gather in the estate, pay all testamentary debts and expenses and to distribute the estate in a correct and legal way.

Elder Law

Financial elder abuse is becoming more common. It is the improper or illegal use of an older person’s funds, property or resources. We believe it’s important to protect seniors against exploitation and abuse.

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Who We Are

Estate Battles is a specialty service provided by Mitchells Solicitors, and concentrates on contesting wills and will disputes, estate planning, wills, executor disputes, estate administration and elder abuse. Bryan Mitchell, the principal of Mitchells Solicitors, is an Accredited Specialist in Succession Law (wills and estates) and can offer expert advice. We can help you with wills, estate planning, trust law, will disputes, executor disputes, elder law and estate administration.

Bryan Mitchell

Bryan Mitchell

Accredited Specialist in Succession Law & Principal

David Graham

David Graham

Senior Associate

Kylee Ghodsi

Kylee Ghodsi

Senior Associate

Kate Muller

Kate Muller


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