prattFormer sex worker and the mistress of the late Visy billionaire, Richard Pratt, has returned to court to appeal the decision which denied her $10 million claim on his estate.

Madison Ashton claims that when she became Mr Pratt’s mistress in the early 2000’s, he promised he would look after her and her children. There had been a series of conversations she had with Mr Pratt in 2003, during which the pair allegedly reached a business agreement whereby she would cease working as an escort and act as his mistress exclusively.

In return, she would receive a $5 million trust fund for her children, an allowance of $500,000 per year, $36,000 a year for accommodation and $30,000 a year for travel expenses. Ashton claims that she gave up a very lucrative career at Mr Pratt’s insistence.

Her initial claim failed, with the Supreme Court finding that while the conversations took place, they did not form a legally binding contract. Neither Pratt nor Ashton saw lawyers to formalise their agreement at any time, or put them in writing.

Ashton has now decided to appeal the decision.