Death certificate

Funeral director fees (they do vary quite a bit)


Burial or cremation



Celebrant or clergy fee

The wake

funeral, planning your funeral, willsNot all of these items need to be included, but most do. Even Costco understand that some items are essential. Costco says that 14 different coffins and caskets ranging in price from $360 to $3800 are on offer in Australia now – alongside the store’s eclectic mix of groceries, electronics and household goods. Isaac Leung is the chief executive of Scientia, the maker of those coffins, who says, “Dying is expensive and funeral costs are evidently going higher and higher. You’re going to have people that are cost-conscious and are going to look for those savings.”

By planning your funeral now, you will be potentially saving your family not just potential financial burden in your planning but also from conflict and indecision when you die.  Your funeral plans are often outlined in your will – an important document that includes all your wishes about your death and legacy. Our estate lawyers are will writing experts who would be happy to discuss your estate planning needs with you.  We offer a free, 10-minute phone consultation. Please contact us today!